New Year, New Me

by Esabel Roncon

What makes this year even more special? Why should it be this particular year where we stick to our resolutions and have our hopes soaring the skies? Why is this the year where we say the sky is not the limit? Simple – it’s the year 2020. The start of a fresh new decade more than just a fresh new year. Yesterday is not just last year but the last decade. This should not be just the year where you change for the better but for the decade that you do.

Resolutions; we make a list of them every year but by the end of January, it’s in some lost corner gathering dust. We’re back to our old routines. If it was to put in more hours of studying this year – well, suddenly it’s 3:00 am and you’re sitting in your nightgown scrolling through Instagram for the millionth time. Or at least that’s how my last year went by :). However, it doesn’t have to be the same way this time around. I know it’s extremely difficult. But remember this year is just not like any other year. Yes, you probably said that last year but that was still in the same decade. Thus, this year is going to be a different decade. And on the plus side, we are gifted with an extra 24 hours to twirl things around. 366 days! The possibilities for change are endless. 

First, let’s explore why are we so rigid to change? Studies have shown that we tend to turn back to our old habits because we are scared of the outcome. What if it’s not what we desire? It’s also known that we tend to never begin because we are afraid of failure. We can’t fail if we don’t even try right? Well, wrong. Never starting is already failing and we this year or rather this decade we need to stand up to ourselves. We must find our inner superwoman/superman as so to speak. If you are caught contemplating whether or not you can reach your goal then think of your end goal. Think about where you plan to be – the life you dream of living. Do it once, then do it twice and before you know it, it has become your lifestyle and you’ll be ecstatic you started. 

Another major reason why we end up at the beginning by the end of the year is due to worldly temptations. If it’s weight we want to lose; there’s always a delicious meal just waiting to be tasted. This is made ten times easier nowadays too with the many food delivery apps such as Foodpanda, GrabFood and Dahmakan. And if it’s money we want to save, then we have online shopping rearing up its ugly head. Just a click of the button and we can purchase that new phone – by instalment to make matters worse; as it means we can afford to pay that RM 95 per month but yearly just how much does that accumulate to? Besides the net world, there are brands that are constantly being rejuvenated to appeal to our needs. We want to say no; we really do, but matters are worsened as dozens of flashy adverts obstruct us from our already tough decisions. Marketing has become a major influence on our daily lives. Famous celebrities are portrayed in adverts such as Alexa, Amazon. This may coax us into – yes you guessed it – purchasing an Alexa. Also, by being tech-savvy, CGI advertising is rapidly branching out from movies and is now being used to make advertisements more enticing. Bright colours are being used to make the products alluring; promising to give us our money’s worth and so on so forth. 

Thus, to conclude, this decade is when we make a promise to ourselves and stick to our resolutions – our changes – for the betterment of our lifestyles. I know it may be extremely difficult but 5 years down the road, we are going to look back and we are going to love the journey we partook. The journey where we can call ourselves warriors. The journey that became an inspiration to so many others who would look up to your life choices. The changes that you make may not be noticed right away but it will be noticed in your lifetime ahead. So, stick to those changes. Push onwards despite the short-term lack of results. Leave the past in the past because your future is now and this, you can alter to your pleasing.

And with that, I wish you a Happy New Decade!

By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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