#SupportLokal- Top 5 Malaysian Brands for the Win

[By Jane Law Lee Bin]

It’s Merdeka month and there’s no better time than now to put on our proud, patriotic faces as we celebrate the independence of our country hand in hand. As Malaysians, we take pride in a lot of things our country has to offer –– the food, the multiracial environment we grew up in, our signature ‘rojak’ language, the sports team and of course our local brands! From t-shirts, to makeup products and tote bags, no one understands Malaysia more than our own designers. These local brands carry the flavour and essence of our country that we have so proudly claim it as part of our blood. Without further ado, here are 5 totally creative and super innovative homegrown brands worth supporting. Not sponsored 😉


Images from APOM

Known for their funny, personalized Malaysian slang printed T-shirts, APOM is a store that aims to encourage Malaysians to proudly celebrate the local culture by showcasing their well-designed products. APOM’s designs have continuously brought out the fun and light side of our country especially when it comes to their hilarious tees! 



2. Salang Design

Images from Salang Design

Salang Design reminds us to embrace our rich heritage by embroidering the diverse Malaysian culture into top-notch iron on patches. From illustrations like the nostalgic iced gem cookies we snacked on during our childhood days to everybody’s favorite national dish, the famous nasi lemak, these patches certainly go well with any monocolor shirts or bags! 


Instagram: @salangdesign

3. Pantun Pins

Images from Pantun Pins

Enamel pins designed to cater for our local taste! These cheeky pins will surely get a chuckle out of you! Pantun Pins cleverly incorporates Malaysian stories with pop culture into their designs. Check out the Tun Jedi pin that got our current Prime Minister a grin! There’s also a bomoh pin that will crack you up! 


Instagram: @pantunpins

4. Goodpair Socks

Are you a sock-o-holic? Well, you’re in luck because Goodpair Socks knits the most novelty and funkiest pair of socks you’ll ever seen! Their multicoloured sock collection are not only trendy, but they evoke the best comfort for your feet with their excellent materials. So, keep your feet happy with these goodpair (of) socks. 

Images from Goodpair Socks


Instagram: @goodpairsocks

5. Home Too Much

If you’re an avid fan of tote bags, check out Home Too Much! Their local themed bags, will definitely strike a core into your inner Malaysian heart. They also offer a line of other Malaysian-centric designs such as their unisex tops and cute ornaments. The ‘kopitiam menu’ tee and the ‘dim sum club’ tote bag are one of our personal favorites! 

Images from Home Too Much


Instagram: @hometoomuch

There really is no place like home — and a home with awesome designers and special pieces that we can conveniently go to? Absolutely first-class and forever first in our hearts: Negaraku Malaysia.


By ETC. Magazine

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