A Smoky, Bang for your Buck Burger at Burger Baek

[By Jane Law Lee Bin]

Malaysians and burgers are like the epitome of ‘two peas in a pod’. Burgers have long been a staple of our favorite late night snack. From fancy uptown restaurants, to prominent burger chains and our well-known roadside stalls, we all love a scrumptious burger fit for our stomachs, and Burger Baek is no exception when it comes to delivering one of the best!  

Close your eyes and imagine this-

You need a second look

No kidding, it is so good we get blurred vision. 

Spy from the corner to witness frying perfection

A whole piece of deep fried chicken thigh with a light dressing of cheese sauce, chilli sauce, an in-house barbeque dip married with a dousing of mayonnaise, topped with fresh-cut lettuce and slapped between two soft buns.

 Sounds too plain-vanilla? Well, you are going to change your mind once it touches the tip of your tongue!

Glorious. (Image credit: FriedChillies) 

 First bite, and the pillow buns that are like bombs of buttery and yeasty goodness melt in your mouth along with the crispy crunch of the chicken skin that makes your mouth experience a glorious symphony of contrasting textures. You taste the chicken, it is everything you want in a perfect piece of fried protein. With its golden brown crispy exterior with addictive juices flowing with each and every bite, to its succulent and flavourful white meat so fresh and tender, the winning combination of all elements will make you drool all the way to your toes just at the sight of it. Then, and funnily, thoughtful enough, there is the accompaniment of lettuce that helps you feel less ashamed for gobbling down that huge chunk of a chicken by balancing everything out with its fresh crunch. 

 In your first mouthful, you also get a hint of saltiness from the ooey-gooey cheese sauce, the sweet spiciness from the chili sauce, the hot smokiness from the barbeque and a slight punchy tanginess from the dollop of mayo. At last, the steam from the freshly cooked burger slowly but thoroughly melts the slice of cheese atop the patty, helping you to smooth all of this luscious bite down to your throat. 

 The burger is so good that you will not even mind your sloppy fingers because this burger has captured the essence of ‘finger-lickin’ good’! It is the combination of sin and heaven that makes it the ultimate guilty pleasure. Your stomach will celebrate with gleeful laughter and your taste buds will burst with joy.

Just one bite. One bite is all it takes to experience the beauty of harmonised flavors, to finally understand the true meaning of ‘less is more’.

 And the best part? All of this for just RM 4 at Burger Baek! 

A lovely roadside stall that you can drop by for a casual but rewarding meal

Located at a curb kiosk in bandar Sunway, Burger Baek is best known for their ‘Crispy Chicken Burger’. Rumour has it that the creation of this burger was inspired by KFC’s popular Zinger burger. The owner, Angah uses his mother’s own recipe for frying the stall’s signature chicken thigh as the patty. Besides that, he buys his fresh produce daily and does not use any frozen ingredients That means, at Burger Baek, you get nothing but fresh goodness in a burger! Each chicken thigh is cooked to order so as to retain its freshness and crispiness. Therefore, you can guarantee that your chicken is going to taste real glorious when it comes out of that deep fryer. 

Burger Baek is open for business from 6PM to 4PM, but expect a long wait during peak hours as the stall is constantly packed with a line of loyal customers ready to salvage their fried chicken and burger cravings. Sometimes, you will even have to wait for an hour just to get your order at the cashier, but rest assured, the taste and the price does make up for it. 

Hard to believe? Well, try it out for yourself! The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the burger!

Photography and filming by: Kuha and Joel 


By ETC. Magazine

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