A Momentum of Mothers

[By Dhiya Bisyarah Fadzal]

The term motherhood paints a vivid imagery of women tending to the needs and wants of their children – a stereotypical portrayal of mothers being housemakers. When one thinks of entrepreneurship, you see a high flyer or someone always on-the-go. You never put two and two together because that was never the norm.  

However, for CARING MOMS, the culmination of motherhood and entrepreneurship is their unique identity. In fact, it is an impact driven social enterprise that focuses on mentoring and guiding entrepreneurial mothers to establish their business through online marketplaces and offline events like bazaars. CARING MOMS was co-founded by Shera Ann Bosco in 2016 and was started from an ordinary Facebook page. However, after amassing 15,000 members online, the enterprise is certainly far from ordinary.

“When I was looking for a tutor and daycare for my son and I couldn’t find one in my area, I started a group looking for these services,” Shera recalled.

Shera leveraged this market gap by offering the unique selling point of job opportunities especially for a demographic that she could relate to – that being for mothers, and by mothers.

“Mothers are the nucleus of the family and they strive to support the family through home-based business,” she continued.

“CARING MOMS aims to create an ecosystem to enhance and upscale [the] businesses [of all entrepreneurial mothers],” she passionately noted.

This can be done by serving a convenient platform for mothers to buy and sell a myriad of goods and services that range from handmade goods such as bracelets, healthy bakes and natural deodorants.


To her, the enterprise is key in supporting and providing opportunities aplenty to women entrepreneurs who run their businesses from home. This was to aid both stay-at-home and full-time working mothers to collaborate and work with one another in an environment that was peaceful and capable of bringing up their children.

According to Shera, CARING MOMS “is a lot more than a marketplace. It provides tremendous value to support members”.

Such includes moral support given by other community members.

Jashinthra S Kumar, the top contributor on the Facebook page gave words of encouragement to the coffee salted caramel cheesecake baked and sold by one of the community members, Darshini Kanaya.

“Her cheesecakes are good. Must try,” Jashinthra recommended to the Facebook group to provide more traction to the selling of the cakes.


The CARING MOMS community on Facebook has extended to boundaries beyond the Facebook realm, establishing closer relationships with members online and offline. In fact, is it a safe environment for mothers to interact and gain support from their members. Any new product being sold or promoted was always supported by the existing members and shared to the public so that it could generate more buzz.

CARING MOMS future projects include the CARING MOMS Health Carnival in conjunction with proPassion Communications, made up of a dynamic team of Taylor’s University Public Relations and Event Management scholars. The carnival is a one-stop of a variety of events for Caring Moms’ booth vendors and will be aided by the passionate and involved Tayloriansoccurring at Sunway Nexis from June 22nd to June 23rd.

“Sunway has been a supportive corporate partner and we invite other corporates to partner with us,” reached out Shera on the prospect of partnering with Sunway Nexis.  

Previously, Shera was granted the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award for her work with CARING MOMS. She was invited to the International Women Economic Forum (WEF) to deliver a speech in New Delhi, therefore cementing her influence and vision for CARING MOMS globally.


Her aim for CARING MOMS was to achieve 50,000 jobs for women by 2021 and “to be an avenue that impacts families and the community to be self-sufficient and successful.”

To further promote the Health Carnival, a booth will be set up alongside the Student Life Centre walkway on June 10th, in which free food samples will be given out to passersby.

“We invite all individuals to drop by the booth, to not only grab yourself some delicacies, but to also learn more about the effort behind these products,” championed Elizabeth Peter, the Sponsorship Director of the proPassion Communications team.  

With such a meaningful cause, coupled with a close-knit community, CARING MOMS has everything in their stride to reach their goal. Motherhood will never be out of style, and entrepreneurship is a global market that is exponentially rising. Put two and two together – you get something so special – CARING MOMS.  

[Image credits: CARING MOMS Facebook]

By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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