Saved By The French Bell

[By Nur Farahin Zulkurnain]

Madame Alice with Mr Syopz

We all love a heartwarming animal rescue story. It exudes love, compassion and a sense of care towards all our furry friends. Animal rescuers are also one of the many heroes who contribute to humanity and to the goodness of the world. I was, in fact, fortunate enough to meet such a hero, one of them from our own Taylor’s campus.

The Saviour

Madame Alice is a French lecturer at Taylor’s University since 2012. She is part of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and is also the person responsible for taking care of the ducks, geese and stray dogs around campus. She rescued and treated our campus cat, Mr Syopznamed after the place he was found in back in October 2018— and has been the only one supporting his treatment. Madame Alice first heard of a “wounded cat” through a colleague and later took action to find him herself to treat his wounds.

Who is Mr Syopz?

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Tame and beautiful

He is a domestic shorthair cat, estimated to be about 2 years old. According to Madame Alice, Mr Syopz is a very tame yet tough cat in spite of his past unfortunate experiences. It was speculated by Madame Alice that he obtained his wounds and bruises from cat fights, particularly with male cats outside campus.

As his wounds from cat fights remain exposed, he was unfortunately infected with a fungal infection called Sporotichosis, also known as ‘Rose Gardener’s disease’. This disease can affect both humans and animals, and if not treated properly and sooner, it can be fatal.

Madame Alice has expressed how important not only Mr Syopz, but all animals are to her. This includes those you get attached to and form a bond with. Presumably, all animal lovers can say the same, especially when it comes to their own pets how they would do anything to keep them happy and healthy.

Mr Syopz’ is still, currently being treated, months since he was found, hence more medical fees that have yet to be paid. His fees currently cost about RM4000— an exorbitant amount.

Madame Alice treating Mr Syopz wounds

His medical fees are inclusive of daily dressing, wound treatment, medication and monitoring. Madame Alice did in fact manage to negotiate with the vet after his first week to pay RM70 to RM50 a day so as to alleviate the financial burden.
What can you do?

Donate! Madame Alice has been bearing the medical fees alone since October and it has taken a toll on her personal funds. Taylor’s student population is estimated to be around 11,000 if even half of us were to donate a simple RM1 each, we would easily raise enough to aid Mr Syopz’ recovery, and even help Madame Alice out!

The Taylor’s Community Service Initiatives (CSI) who are in charge of the fundraiser have provided several ways you can help.


  1. Online donation drive – visit where you can donate at least $1 (RM4) 
  2. Cash – Contact CSI and donate by cash in person 
  3. Bank transfer – bank in your donation to 6-338-0406-11 (Public Bank), the Vice President of Marketing & External Relations Natalie Leong. Please make sure to take a screenshot of your receipt and email it to 

Should we raise enough and Mr Syopz finally recovers, CSI will have a booth outside the SLC and students will be able to meet Mr Syopz!

Even the littlest of donation matters.

“Life goes on. We become stronger. As tough as Mr.Syopz is, [he] motivates us to be tough too. He is one fellow who does not show his pain to others. He carries his own sorrow. He keeps his feelings and emotions [within].” –Madame Alice

So, let us all play a compassionate part in saving our own Campus cat – together!

Mr Syopz in a cone to protect him from aggravating and licking his infection.


Madame Alice and Mr Syopz in school grounds


[Photo credits: Madame Alice]


By ETC. Magazine

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