Taylorians Appeal for 24/7 Study Room Policy Change

[By Jeremy Ng Kok Shern, Bryan Lee Ming Jun, and Elizabeth Peter]

Taylorians ​expressed strong feedback against the 24/7 Study Room’s revised operational hours policy in recent survey by ETC. Magazine (ETC).

The new operational hours for Study Room@Taylor’s.

The new operational hours for the 24/7 Study Room, now renamed to Study Room@Taylor’s, had taken effect since the 4th of December this year. Most Taylorians had been vocal in their outcry against the new policy. Soon after, ETC had initiated a survey to quantify Taylorians’ feedback on the issue. The survey received 365 responses within the span of 4 days, starting from the 5th of December. The respondents were students from almost every departmental school. Through the survey, it was found that usage of the Study Room@Taylor’s peaked at 10pm-2am (194 respondents) and 2am-6am (158 respondents). The respondents had also commented on how the new policy adversely affects their studies and requested for the policy to be revised again.

Peak times of use for the study room, according to ETC’s survey.

“When I’m swamped with assignments, I basically camp there till 7am for days,” said Samantha Tan Pau Chin, 22, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Broadcasting). “It should be open from late night till dawn. The library, SLC, e-Quarium, and classrooms are available during the day and most people have classes. So, not many people will frequent the study room. During late night till dawn, everywhere else is closed.”

Some had also remarked the extensive usage of the Study Room@Taylor’s during deadline and examination periods.

“Approaching mid-semester, with all the assignment deadlines and approaching examinations, it is a full house all the time. It affects me because I use it a lot during midnights before exams,” said Isaac Lim Ming Yi, 21, Bachelor of Business (Hons) (International Business & Marketing).

Respondents had pointed out the necessity of the previous operational hours for students who endure long commutes and opted to study overnight during examination periods.

“Many live 20-30 minutes away from campus, it affects them. Some of them stay on campus to utilise the room before finals to have all-nighters,” said an American Degree Program student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Furthermore, respondents had also conveyed the need for more study areas in light of the inevitable influx of students.

“At night, the classrooms will be closed or used by other students, so only 24/7 room provides the space for us to do our work. Moreover, there will be more students coming in next year,” said Bong Siew Mun, 21, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Advertising). “The university does not provide enough space for students to study or do assignments.”

Respondents explained that the Study Room@Taylor’s was the one space that provided proper shelter against the rain too.

“There are very few places whereby students can do their work. Despite the fact that Taylor’s is well equipped with roofs, it still rains on areas that aren’t supposed to be affected. During office hours, students can go to the library, SLC, SAC, and some classrooms. After office hours however, students are only left with the 24/7 room,” said Praveen Varma, 21, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Public Relations and Marketing). “Taylor’s should always provide the services they have promised to their students.”

Overall, respondents had affirmed the substantial utilisation of the Study Room@Taylor’s.

“I use the room all the time! Especially at night after the library closes and also on the weekends,” said Choo Khai Kern, 21, Bachelor of Business (Hons) (Marketing).

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 11.33.46 PM
Study Room@Taylor’s crowded by students at approximately 12am on the 7th of December.

In that regard, Student Council had stated that approximately 40 students or more constitutes as sufficient usage and justifies the need to request for a policy revision.

“There are 84 spaces, so half would be considered a lot,” said the current president of Taylor’s University Student Council, Wynton Lee Shen Huei. “We have been collecting data and we are planning to meet up with management to tell them about student’s concerns.”

Currently, ETC is attempting to submit enquiries to Taylor’s Library administration. Further updates will be covered in subsequent articles. Let your voice be heard by completing this survey [Taylor’s 24/7 Room Revised Opening Hours].




By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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