13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Thirteen Reasons Why

[By Asha Rose Byfield]


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If you haven’t yet heard of it or binge-watched it like some of us, Thirteen Reasons Why is a TV show adaptation of Jay Asher’s heart-wrenching book of the same title.

It takes you through thirteen tapes pre-recorded by the late Hannah Baker on the thirteen people who she blames for driving herself to commit suicide. Despite only premiering on Netflix last month, Thirteen Reasons Why has already received a positive reception across the globe. Here are thirteen reasons why:

1. The scenarios are painstakingly relatable 

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What goes on at Liberty High may very well exist at your own school, university, or even workplace. No matter your age, Thirteen Reasons Why is guaranteed to relate to you on an emotional level that may very well cost you several tissue boxes.

2. It’s addicting on a whole new level

Caution: Compelling and compulsive cliffhangers lay ahead. This is no understatement. You would expect each episode to represent one tape knowing that there are 13 episodes. Which is true, but it turns out every story has relevance to one another and each end is the beginning of the next narrative.

3. It teaches you about perspective

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The stories in the tapes are told from Hannah’s point of view. However, several characters mention that her word is untruthful throughout the show. They state that “Hannah’s truth” is not their truth.

4. The outstanding cast

The cast of this Netflix series handled each scene with such maturity and professionalism that it appeared natural on screen. Talented, young and attractive.

5. You will get emotionally attached to the characters

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 Each character has a unique and distinctive persona that is sure to stick with you long after you’ve completed the series.

6. The music

Whether you’re fond of 80s or indie/alternative music or not, you most certainly will be by the end of the show. From old-time classics such as “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division to modern renditions, namely Selena Gomez’s cover of Yazoo’s “Only You”. This soundtrack is destined to be played on loop. As a heads up, the iconic, “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron is soon to be at the top of your playlists.

7. It tells you the unexpected stories ‘behind the labels’

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Despite the labels that may be assigned to us, we’re all fighting our own internal battles. That’s right, even jocks like Justin Foley have issues.

8. The dialogue is realistic 

The TV show adaptation remains true to the dialogue by sustaining the authenticity of teenage conversations. As a matter of fact, the words spoken by the characters reflect dialogue you might hear casually walking down your high school hallway.

9. Not your typical suicide story

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Contrary to various TV shows, this one doesn’t glorify nor romanticize depression or bullying, but draws awareness to the issues instead.

10. It depicts how people deal with grief in their own ways

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms when dealing with grief. Some may react similarly to Hannah’s parents, the Baker’s by having a mental breakdown while others may respond in denial. 

11. It teaches you how small actions aren’t so small for everyone

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An action you may take lightly might not be of the same scale to someone else. While you may assume something as small as a remark or gesture is no big deal, it could easily blow up in proportion. Be considerate of other people’s feelings.

12. It makes you consider how you treat others

Food for thought: who’s tapes might you be on?

13. There will be a season 2!

Although the book has no sequels, it has recently been revealed that 13 Reasons Why has been renewed for a second season!  This means that once you fall in love with season 1, it doesn’t have to end there. Jay Asher has also put his trust in the directors to continue the story.

“You can’t stop the future. You can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.” – Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

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