Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home Practices Urban Farming

Petaling Jaya, June 19, 2016 – Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home taught its children basic gardening in efforts to practice urban farming. Assisted by Taylor’s University student volunteers, the children enjoyed planting flowers, Asoka, Aloe Vera, and vegetables seeds like kangkung, sawi and bayam. The children were taught the process of planting and simple gardening techniques.

Gardening was chosen as a learning activity that aims to make gardening a culture that should be frequently practiced by the children young. Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home had a valid reason for this, gardening sustained their basic living needs and brought positive learning for children in acquiring new skills and basic behavioural learning; such as responsibility and environmental sensitivity. This movement wished to bring a change to informally educate the younger generation to conserve and protect the world they live in.

The idea of gardening was supported by the Taylor’s University student volunteers as they agreed that children should be taught to love and to conserve the environment.

“We did this volunteering job because gardening helps cultivate a  positive culture among these children build a sense of responsibility. ”

The manager of Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home, Mr. Christopher was happy with the gardening activity and expects to have more activities in future that could help the children to grow. Besides the gardening activity, the children were also assisted to make a dream board to practice creativity. Christopher added, “The activity ran well, you all (Taylor’s University student volunteers) could manage the kids well, and the kids enjoyed it.”


About Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home (PECH)

PECH was started by Rev.Roberts Pandian, Bro. Christopher and a few church believers in January 2004 with two children. Today they have 37 children whom they are providing a homely, comfortable and conducive environment. Efforts are made to provide them with a balanced diet, proper clothing, medical checkups for their physical well being and proper education as well as spiritual guidance to build their characters.

Click here to find out more about PECH and Taylor’s University’s involvement!

By ETC. Magazine

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