Cheaper Printing with FRUNI PRINT

[By Elise Chen]

It all started with two printers in the bedroom of Alexis Ang, a recent Taylor’s Business School graduate, and a Facebook page.

While studying in Taylor’s University, he noticed the average student’s predicament when it came to the cost of printing. In early 2015, he saw an opportunity to lessen the burden of costs for university students, while providing a great platform for companies to reach out to their target market through subsidised printing from sponsors. Henceforth, Fruni Print was born.

Two weeks ago, the startup company officially launched at the Student Life Centre in Taylor’s University, with a team of 11 people and two partners. Guided by two mentors from its early developmental stages, Fruni Print’s first clients include Blincon, Komugi, Whoosh Eyewear, Cubizone and Running Malaysia.

The revolutionary startup was endorsed by Prof Pradeep Nair, Taylor’s University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Dr Vinitha Guptan, Dean of Taylor’s Business School.

Now the question is: how do we go about using Fruni Print, and exactly how much cheaper will our printing costs be?Untitled designWell, by purchasing a membership card at RM20, you can enjoy free printing for a whole year. You can also look forward to promotional fee discounts and extended subscription periods announced via their Facebook page and Instagram account. The only catch is that, in exchange for free printing materials, an advertisement will be printed on the back of each sheet of paper. So while we would not suggest you print your assignments with advertisements on the other side of each sheet, we cannot deny that this is still a pretty good deal that would save us tons of money in the long run.

Fruni Print Founder and CEO Alexis Ang displaying the Fruni Print printed materials at the company launch.

But if you are really not into the idea of having advertisements on your printed notes and assignments, do not despair — Fruni Print is working on making a Premium Printing service available soon. For a small additional fee, you can enjoy advertisement-free printing at a much lower cost than other printing options.

If you are already itching to get your Fruni Print membership and start printing, you can send an email to and have your membership card delivered to you within 24 hours.

In five easy steps, you can fulfil your printing needs with Fruni Print.

Once you have gotten your membership card and completed your card activation, you can upload your files to Fruni Print’s site and collect your printed materials at the Taylor’s Business School Divisional Office, located at Block E, level 2.

It cannot possibly get any better than this.

The Fruni Print printers in the Taylor’s Business School Divisional Office.

For more information, visit Fruni Print’s website.

By ETC. Magazine

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