QS Prom: A Night With the Stars

[By Gloria Ngu]

On 19th December 2015, the Quantity Surveying (QS) Society of Taylor’s University had their annual prom at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL. Members of the Quantity Surveying Programme from School of Architecture Building and Design showed up in their best, ready to meet the representatives from six QS firms who were also invited to the prom. QS Prom is the brainchild of School of Architecture Building & Design with the sole purpose of allowing graduating students to meet prospective employers.

The team welcoming attendees into the hall.
The team welcoming attendees into the hall.

QS food

Various performances were arranged to entertain the participants, such as a magic show, a dance performance by the Taylor’s University Dance Club (TUDC), music performances by the organizing committee and a diabolo performance. A prom King and Queen were also selected based on their outfits.

QS performance mgic

QS performance

QS prom king
The five prom king nominees and the emcee.
The prom queen nominees.
The prom queen nominees.

One of the highlights of the night was definitely the game involving the lecturers. Five lecturers were called on stage, and they were instructed to find a partner and the partners were to obtain a certain item. Laughter ensued as both lecturers and students scrambled to acquire the items required, especially as the items on the list became less common. From finding a person with the longest hair to taking a selfie with their supervisor, Ms Ang, the participant’s antics certainly livened up the atmosphere.

The participants scrambling to get a selfie with Ms Ang.
The participants scrambling to get a selfie with Ms Ang.

Despite being one of the smaller schools on campus, the QS school is very active, especially the QS society. This is their third prom, and the president of the first batch of QS students, Kim, said, “It’s nice to be back and to see the number of participants.” He went on to explain that for the pioneer batch, many people were reluctant to join the prom, but after the team’s hard work and perseverance, the very first QS prom tickets sold out, and they even had to add more tables due to the high demand.

Ms Ang, the supervisor for the QS Society who is also the Program Director for the Bachelor of QS, smiled with pride as she talked about her students. For her, the prom was the perfect activity to allow students from different semesters as well as the School of Architecture Building & Design Alumni to bond. Several of the organizing team and participating students also echoed Ms. Ang’s sentiments. One of the participants said, “It is very seldom that we get to meet with students from other semesters.”

Ms Ang, the supervisor of the QS society.
Ms Ang, the supervisor of the QS society.

One of the most unique things about the prom was the fact that representatives from QS firms attended it too. According to Ms Ang, this is one of the ways that she can help students to meet and mingle with prospective employers.

For the president, Lim Ru Huey, the best part of the prom for her was seeing how the participants had fun and bonded during all the activities. She mentioned, “I think we have achieved the objective of the [QS] society, which is ‘QS Passion leads to Unity’.” Despite facing problems like poor response at the beginning and a tight budget, the team managed to pull through and organize the highly successful QS prom.

Kim, Ru Huey
From left to right: Kim, the first president of the QS Society; Ru Huey, the current president; a member of the first committee

The night ended with countless photos being taken, documenting the last stage in these students’ university lives before they step into the working world.

QS sefie 2

QS selfie

QS group

Meet the committee and lecturers who went all out for the prom.
Meet the committee and lecturers who went all out for the prom.

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