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[ By Yaashviny Nair ]

Throughout the month of June, Taylor’s University hosted our own ECO Campaign, helmed by organising chairperson Lalitha Ambighai, to embrace ‘green’ habits and to create awareness among Taylorians on the importance of going green. This campaign was not the usual talks and speeches by nature enthusiasts; it was a fun and interactive series uniting all students and staff of Taylor’s University.

Image credit: Taylor’s ECO Campaign Facebook page
Image credit: Taylor’s ECO Campaign Facebook page

The first event was the launch of the campaign itself. Many VIPs attended, among whom were Taylor’s University’s President and Vice Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Dr Hassan Said, Director of Intellect, Dr. Tang Siew Fun, and Facilities, Environment, Health, Safety and Security Administration’s (FEHSSA) Vice President, Mr. Murali Rajoo, not forgetting all the Deans, Associate Deans, lecturers and students from all the different schools in Taylor’s University.

The highlight of the launch was the musical stairs! Prof. Hassan was called on stage to officiate the launch, and with each step, music played in the background. This amazing, interactive tool was made by the students from the School of Engineering, led by Farrah Danial.

Among the other activities held throughout the month were the Poster Designing Competition, Public Speaking Competition, Ideas Proposal Competition and ECO Night. These activities were very well received by Taylorians, with many keen students who came forward and participated in all the activities.

Image credit: Taylor’s Eco Campaign Facebook page
Image credit: Taylor’s Eco Campaign Facebook page

Below is the list of winners for the competitions held:-

Poster Designing Competition

1st Place (FROM THE HEART) : Saw Kai Zuan , Koo Wei Ling, Chen Wei Yee

2nd Place (BLUE ELMO WAVE) : Leong Yu Shi, Fong Tze Ying, Ng zheng Si

3rd Place (ECO RANGERS) : Madiiha B Mandary, Shazleen Shafinaz Bt Ahmad, Lai Woon Fui

4th Place (THE FINGERPRINTS) : Tan Vee Keong, Violacea Low Yin Hui, Jessica Yew Chin Wei

5th Place (TEAM BAYMAX) : Leong Joon Yee,  Arianne Marie M. Salvador,Patricia Noreen Bueno

Consolation Prize 1 : Biena Marie Joaquin, Jun Sung Kim, Alex A. Pabellan

Consolation Prize 2 : Farah Azween Aminuddin, Mawaddah Bt Shamsudin, Nurul Aliah Bt Jamaluddin

Public Speaking Competition

1st Place : Elisha Yeo Hui Shien

2nd Place : Lum Kit May

3rd Place : Felice Wong Jing Yi

4th Place : Ashley Ann Chin

5th Place : Violacea Low Yin Hui

Ideas Proposal Competition

1st Place : Adrian Chin, Thiiban Thuraiv, Ng Jia Sheng, Melanie Yong

2nd Place : Lim Joe Onn, Jeff Ong Seng Peng, Tristan Yu Zhe Xian

3rd Place : Gan Teck Wei, Cheah Wei Kenn, Prasad Karunanethi, Koay E-Vienne, Mohamad Elias

4th Place : Saw Kai Xuan, Koo Wei Ling, Chen Wei Yee, Nadiah bt. Shamsur, Yiong Kin Hee

This ECO Campaign, unlike many others, has left a permanent mark and inculcated ‘green’ habits among Taylorians. Either of the two lifts in Block C now only stops at odd numbered floors or even numbered floors respectively. Taylorians now take a few extra steps rather than wait for the time and energy consuming lifts to reach them.

Here are some words from the Organising Chairperson of the Taylor’s ECO Campaign 2015:

1.     Why did Taylor’s University’s Community Service Initiatives (TUCSI) initiate this campaign?

In conjunction with June being World Environmental Month, Community Service Initiatives Volunteers wanted to initiate something which would bring some changes in Taylor’s, especially on saving energy. Energy Conservation Opportunity (ECO) Campaign sees the challenge of trying to get the overall Taylor’s community to try to play their part in conserving energy and the ultimate need to do so. We were excited with the fact that Taylor’s FEHSSA agreed to support our campaign from the get-go by being the major sponsor and support.

2.     Was your objective of the campaign met? If yes, how did you manage it? If no, what would you have improved on?

This is indeed a hard question to be answered. Our objectives will not yield results based on just a month’s campaign. We can only see the results towards the end of the year via the decrement in Taylor’s utilities bills. But as for whether or not ECO Campaign had managed to reach all Taylorians, maybe yes. Though we did not get the required number of participants for each event, at least we managed to create hype and everyone knew about the campaign. Sadly, because ECO Campaign was carried out in June, being the assignment peak period contributed to the low participation of students. And yes, we agree there wasn’t proper advertising but it is also due to the fact that this campaign was carried out alongside many other important events such as Taylor’s University Convocation, Taylor’s Ball, iLEAD Conference and of course not forgetting the exam period too. We just hope that all students and staff see the effort put in by Taylor’s students in carrying out these activities outside of the classroom and continue to support them. Support from the University’s community is crucial. But, this campaign was definitely a good start in Taylor’s University. We hope that our initiative will be continued by others in the near future.

3.     Lastly, how did you feel as the OC of the campaign?

Being given the opportunity to lead a big campaign such as ECO Campaign 2015 definitely gave me mixed feelings. This was definitely an opportunity for me to build up my leadership skills and confidence when dealing with so many new students as well as many Taylor’s University officials such as deans, lecturers and staff who made this campaign possible. But it was definitely not a smooth sailing journey. Being a student, trying my very best to get things done by juggling ECO Campaign and academics proved to be a major challenge. One utmost important thing that I learnt from this campaign is time-management. This campaign without a doubt opened my eyes to many different kinds of people with different personalities that I will be seeing in the near future. I am blessed that towards the end of this campaign, whatever hurdles that were present, everything was made possible with my team. My team was and will always be more than mere committee members. The [bond of friendship] ignited between us throughout this campaign is one that I will treasure forever. Hence, I am very happy that somewhere, somehow, I did the right thing by being involved in this campaign. I am proud and happy to be a part of Taylor’s University by being more than just a regular student attending labs, lectures and tutorials. Life is much more than that.

-Lalitha Ambighai, Bac.Biotechnology (Sem 4)

*ECO Campaign 2015 was made successful by the many generous sponsors like FEHSSA (who also collaborated with Taylor’s Community Service Initiatives for the event), Pizza Cottage, Jumpstreet, Wakai Shoes, Yogood, Pasta Zanmai, Unicool Trading and Zalora Malaysia.

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