Taylor’s University “Constellations Ball” Lights Up the Night

[ By Luqman Abdullah ]


The Taylor’s University Constellations Ball took center stage at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the weekend of 6 June, 2015. Taylorians came dressed to kill in stylish tuxedos and elegant gowns feeling right at home at the five star establishment’s Grand Ball Room, located on the second floor of the hotel.


The sold out ball, organized by the Taylor’s University Student Council, featured a stacked line-up including performances by the Taylor’s University Dance Club (TUDC), a three part performance by the Society of Performing Arts (SPART), as well as a few musical numbers by “The Backseat Affair”, “Salad Bowl”, “Alex” and even Beatboxing Duo, most of whom are products of Taylor’s University Music Club. Lucky draws were held, which included a grand prize of a two-day stay in Bali and a five star dinner, desert and coffee buffet. The festivities of the night even featured an emotional video, which was shot and developed on location by Twins Photography, who beautifully captured the highlights of the night.

constellations1 constellations2 constellations3

In addition to delicious food and great entertainment, the event also featured a pageant for prom king and queen. The participants were nominated earlier in the week via social media, and following fierce competition that included, sharp catwalks, stunning poses and even cheesy pick-up lines, the audience voted for their favourite candidates. When the results came in, Yansen Christian Alexander and Cynthia Lee Siaw Wun were elected prom king and queen respectively.


Following the election, the king and queen shared a slow dance, and then opened the floor to the rest of those in attendance to join them on the dance floor, which closed out the night.


The hugely successful Constellations ball featured great food, engaging entertainment, enchanting atmosphere and lots of fun and has set a very high standard for all Taylor’s organized events. We at ETC. can only hope that next year’s ball will live up to the standard set by this one.

By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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