[ By Yaashviny Nair ]


“Always remember, however insignificant you think your efforts are…good things always happen in the end”. These were the words of Dr. Anthony Ho, Dean of the School of Biosciences (SBS) during SBS’s Charity Prom Night themed The Great Gatsby, specifically targeted at the prom committee instrumental in making the school’s first ever prom a huge success!

The event, held at Holiday Villa, Subang on 15 May had approximately 150 people seated at the Victorian Ballroom. There were performances by the SBS students ranging from Semester 1 to Semester 4. From singing to dancing and playing instruments, they were great entertainers and there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the night, thanks to the emcees! We witnessed a range of multi-talented students that evening, destroying the stereotype that Science students couldn’t be brilliant at performing on stage.

Many lecturers attended the prom and some even dressed up to fit the theme. It was surely a sight to behold when a few lecturers were spontaneously asked to lip sync songs and dance on stage. There were many ‘Queen Elsa’ lecturers that night flaunting their dancing skills to the song Let It Go from the Disney hit Frozen.


Overall, the event was a huge success and proceeds from the prom went to ‘Rumah Shalom’, an orphanage in Puchong. According to the prom committee, the money will be used to refurbish the home and pay for some of the food items.

Here are some thoughts from the prom committee and students:

“I felt like the effort put in by all members was worth it. The lecturers were happy, the students participated in all activities and enjoyed themselves and we met the objective of this charity dinner. I’m very proud of the SBS committee and all who volunteered.”

-Reuben Loh, Head of Prom Committee

“The success of the event was not a one man show. Despite all the tension, I really am content with the outcome of the event! Everyone’s support will be dearly remembered, and to me the best outcome of all is that I have gained friendships that will last forever.”

-Natasha Anne Fernandez, Event Manager

“It was a good time to release tension after a hectic week of exams and an excellent way to bond with our lecturers.”

-Lalitha Ambighai, student

By ETC. Magazine

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One reply on “SBS Charity Prom: THE GREAT GATSBY”

I recall reading the Gatsby book, or should I say, struggling to read the book, long ago. I was much more interested in thriller book like the Bourne novels, or epic novels like Taipan, or Shogun by Clavell. or even the McCoullough novel, The Thorn Birds.

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