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TOO HOT, HOT DAMN: How to survive the Malaysian heat

[ By Prasanna Nara ]

Drink fluids that hydrate you

As cliché as this sounds, drinking lots of water on a hot day is the perfect way to cool your system down. This not only helps you feel cooler but also keeps your body hydrated. On a scorching hot day, our body loses more water because we’re sweating more. It is important to keep hydrated so we don’t fall sick or experience fatigue during our busy day. Try to avoid drinks that are likely to dehydrate your body such as alcohol, coffee and sugary drinks. However, if you’re bored of water, you could try making your own fruit slushies or flavoured water. Click here to see how! 

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Bring an umbrella or wear a hat

Try to stay in the shade as much as possible but if that is unavoidable (when you’re walking to/from the carparks in Neverland) then it would be advisable to bring along an umbrella or wear a hat. While the former is not the most fashionable solution, it could save you from the heat wave.

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Wear sunscreen!

This may not prevent you from sweating but it will protect your skin from those evil UV-rays. Sunscreen will keep your skin from getting discoloured and can even reduce the chances of you getting skin cancer. You should also carry around a bottle of aloe vera gel if your skin is prone to bad sunburns. Click here for the best types of sunscreens to get for your skin. 

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Figure 3: credits to

Take cool showers

If you’re at home and you can’t stand the heat, step into the shower or take a swim in the pool. What better way to get rid of your hot, sweaty frustration than to drown it in some cool water? You may feel as if the idea is quite “mafan” at first, but trust us when we say you’ll be thanking yourself later.

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Eat foods that cool your body

Yes, yes, ice cream included. As Malaysians we all love to eat and even the Sahara-like weather won’t stop us from indulging in our food. That being said, there are dishes that could satisfy our bellies while making the heat somewhat bearable. This adorable website provides easy recipes from ice cream to salads that will keep you cool and happy throughout the day! 

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Figure 5: credits to

Wear comfortable clothing

Don’t’ get me wrong, comfortable clothing doesn’t mean you have to strip down to just a few pieces of cloth. The best type of clothes to wear during sweltering weather are clothes that are light coloured because they reflect heat. Retailers such as UNIQLO offer clothes that are specifically designed to block out the heat and keep you cool while looking extremely stylish! 

Think happy thoughts

Last but not least, we should remember to keep our cool. The heat may push our buttons sometimes but it’s important that we stay calm. Being frustrated is just going to make you feel hotter than you already are, which won’t help the situation. So next time you’re feeling the wrath of our heat, try spending time with people who make you happy or watching a comedy show with a tub of ice cream. ☺

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Figure 7: credits to


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