The ‘Borderless’ Campaign – Breaking Negative Perceptions on Refugees

[ By Winona Rajamohan ]


It’s no unfamiliar sight to see booths located outside the Student Life Centre. But an entire soft board pinned with little white papers may have particularly caught your attention this first week of April. Turning over one of these white papers uncovers a fragment of a large portrait image of an individual. It raises only one question. What is the story behind this person asking to be identified?

After flipping over every single one of these little white squares of paper, the face behind it would be no stranger to most of us.

Albert Einstein.

Here’s the twist.

We’re not looking at Albert Einstein the genius theoretical physicist. We’re looking at Albert Einstein the refugee who was forced out his of native Germany, and immigrated to the United States. Einstein as a refugee isn’t something blatantly put out there, and the fact is more than often ignored and cast aside.

Similarly, the refugees in our country are given the same treatment. They are ignored and cast aside. Labeled and judged.

The students of the Taylor’s Talent Management Programme are driving home just this message with their mysterious approach, taking place next to their booth. Through their community project ‘Borderless’, they’re here to take a stand and shed some light on the concrete problems faced by refugees in our country and the attitude we should adopt towards them. All through April, they’re bringing to us an awareness campaign that would give us a different view on the struggles of these refugees.

Why the name ‘Borderless’, you might ask? Borderless is directly defined as being without a border, of course. Just like it’s definition, this project aims to erase the line drawn between refugees and us. It aims to show us that they deserve the same treatment and rights as everyone else.

The drive behind this initiative was simple. The misconception of the public towards refugees have been displayed clearly enough. We unfortunately witness members of our society branding them as illegal, criminals or a disruption to our economical balance. It’s an assumption that plays out in the lack of involvement in choosing to give back by helping refugees. ‘Borderless’ captures this issue and asks us – do we really know about the problems these refugees face before being so quick to say no?

This campaign wants YOU to contribute and be a volunteer. Be sure to drop by the ‘Borderless’ booth all through April to get your hands on merchandise and participate in mystery activities. Funds raised will be given to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Malaysia’s welfare department, bringing us one step closer to giving them the treatment and equality they deserve.

The peak of the campaign comes in the form of a stimulation game, ‘Step Into The Unknown’, being carried out on 27 to 29 April 2015, from 11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. in the Student Life Centre.

For more details about this campaign and to sign up as a volunteer to participate in ‘Step Into The Unknown’, check out the Borderless Facebook page:

By ETC. Magazine

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