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13 Freaktastic YUMS for Halloween

[By Eunice Yin]

So you’re having a massive wave of ghouls over at your fun-house this year. You’re desperately in need of some wow factors, and the traditional Jack-O’-Lantern trend pretty much died out after the 90s. But who needs that anyway – here’re 13 simple spellbinding recipes that would make you Horror Chef of the Year.


1. Ghostly Goodies: It’s like Casper, soft, friendly, and such a sweetie.


Recipe here:


2. Eyeball Treats: Eye-scream… yea.

2Recipe here:


3. Rest in Peas: Oh Martha, you cutie.


Recipe here: Martha Stewart


4. Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches: Imagine playing wizard with these, so gross yet so funny.


Recipe here:


5. Mashed Boo-tatoes: Martha’s on a roll, guys.


Recipe here: Martha Stewart


6. Finger Food: You can also make these to wake your kids/self up in the morning.


Recipe here:


7. Dexter Blood Slide Suckers: Sets your teeth on edge, and definitely helps me control the chaos.


Recipe here:


8. Slime Rickeys: Comes with the option of horror hangovers, if you do it right.


Recipe here: Martha Stewart


9. Vampire Cookies: Chomp chomp, Marceline style.


Recipe here:


10. Spiderweb Eggs: Gives “bad eggs” a whole new meaning.


Recipe here:


11. Wormy Brain: Alternatively, throw worms at party-ghouls to signal “Thriller” dance.


Recipe here: Kraft Recipes


12. Banana Mummies: Tomb of the Potassium Emperor


Recipe here:


13. Human Torso Appetizer: So good, Hannibal approves.


Recipe here:


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