Across Oceans : 6 Types of Passengers You’ll Meet On A Flight

[By Leana Bt Karim]

I have travelled quite a bit, and this includes long haul flights, layovers and connections. Despite the lodging hierarchy in each flight, I found the people on the plane to be quite interesting, with unique characters in each flight that make the trip memorable. From my observations, here are six types of people that you might meet on a flight.


  • The Water Dispenser


[Image Credits: Daily Mail]
[Image Credits: Daily Mail]
This person seems to use the “loo loo” way too many times. He or she will have to make their way to the plane’s cramped little toilet every thirty to sixty minutes. Blocking your already small movie screen or the light you are using to read or awakening you after you’ve found a comfy position may annoy the living daylights out of you. The “Water Dispenser” then says “So sorry” or “Excuse me”, which ends up seeming disingenuous due to the many visits to the toilet as they make way across you to the aisle.


  • Elbow Combatant


[Image Credits: Business Insider Malaysia]
[Image Credits: Business Insider Malaysia]
  Their elbows are always on your arm rest. This person is normally quite tall, around maybe six feet in height. Yes, it is a constant battle on the arm rest. You might think maybe nudging this person back with a little more force might gain you back your arm rest, but nope! In fact, the “Elbow Combatant” fights back with more strength, pushing your arm off the arm rest. Furthermore, the “elbow combatant” now might place their arm even more firmly. This leaves you to retreat to square one.


  • Noise Maker


[Image Credits: The Telegraph]
[Image Credits: The Telegraph]
I am talking about the screaming baby, not the cute, googly eyed baby that wakes up from its sleep to smile, then falls comatose again after several minutes. Nope, this “Noise Maker” is a born opera singer. Their lungs have the power to scream endlessly and to be heard from one end of the plane to the other. It is amazing how something so tiny can make such noise. I assume it is like the saying “Small is powerful”.


  • Serial Annoyer


[Image Credits: Daily Mail]
  “The noise machine” leads to passenger type number four, “the Serial Annoyer” – also known as a child. The “Serial Annoyer” is normally worse than “the “Noise Maker”, if you are easily irritated by noise or movement. Though not all children are like this, “the Serial Annoyer” is an upgraded version of the “Noise Maker” since it can move and talk. As they have very short attention spans, he or she will not sit still. This results in some creepy stares, and if you are lucky, some chair kicking action too. The saddest part is that the parents are trying their level best to restrain their kid, but nothing really seems to work.


  • The Muncher


[Image Credits: Daily Mail]
The “Muncher” is a person who seems to have been stranded on a deserted island for ten days with no food. There are two kinds of “Munchers”. The first type bring their own zip-lock bag with snacks in it. Do not underestimate this person. They may have many zip-lock bags and tupperware, each accommodating a different category of snack, from exotic nuts to smelly cottage cheese. The second type are those who come unarmed and get up or call the air hostess a million times for snacks. I quite admire their determination, with persistent calls for and preparation of food.


  • Miss Activity   


[Image credits: The Huffington Post]
 And then there’s “Miss Activity”. “Miss Activity” does not leave you alone, but without actually intentionally bothering you. First she is reading or studying, then she is highlighting. Now, she keeps her books away, then rummages vigorously through her bag for something. Subsequently, she takes out her headphones to listen to music for ten minutes. As soon you think she is all settled down, she begins typing. After that, she stops, gets up and goes for a walk down the aisle, comes back, and starts all over again. When “Miss Activity” is fed up with all her activities, she turns to you and talks. She goes on and on about her relationship issues throughout the flight journey. Beware! You should pay close attention as she will quiz you as the plane lands.


In a nutshell, those are among the six types of passengers you can meet in an airplane. There are many different kinds of people in there, all being held in a small place. Each person comes from a different walk of life. It is interesting to meet all these different people from different cultures as well as lifestyles on board airplanes. We should embrace it, as it does not occur often, and rarely ever outside an airplane.

So what kind of quirky characters you have met?


This article is a personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of ETC. Magazine or Taylor’s University.  


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