Merdeka, My Merdeka

[By Deepa Muniandy]

The wooden verandah beckons the weary visitor,
The wind picks its pace up midway with a gusty bellow,
The cool palms sway in unison with the giant Angsana tree,
This is my land, this is my home.

Proclamation made underneath the fiery sun,
Promises kept by the virtue of principles,
Passion for freedom stoked by the bitterness of captivity,
Pleasing the tired soul of every man, woman and child, dead or alive,

Let us remember, lest we unwittingly decide to forget,

The cries of pain that emanated from the builders of this nation,
The struggles of our fathers and of our father’s fathers,
The remnants of loss still heard within the echoes of our mothers sighs,
The sweet taste of Merdeka as fragrant as the green pandan leaves,

The day that marked the end of colonization by an already crumbling empire,
The day in which sacrifices were validated by a single reasoning,
This day that shall forever be cherished and be ardently remembered,
That dazzling triumphant Saturday of August 31, 1957,

That day, when you and I became one.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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