A Beginning with a Bang – Clubs and Societies Day August 2014

[By Nafisa Shamim]

[Image credits : See Shi Yuan, Photographer for ETC. Magazine]
The heavens were merciful on the morning of 27 August 2014, and despite the general anxiety that the monsoon season might literally rain on its parade, Taylor’s University’s Clubs and Societies Day (CnS) took off in the clear and sunny weather everyone had been hoping for.

Despite not being held in the spacious confines of The Grand Hall this time around, the clubs manning the booths were certainly not lacking in zeal – the stretch of passageway between the Grand Staircase and the lecture theatres, a common thoroughfare for a multitude of students heading to class, was bedecked with flags, stars, and the vibrant and unmistakeable flashes of red, blue and yellow of the Malaysian flag. The occasional glimpses of traditional attire, colourful and elegant amidst the bustling club members, somehow evoked a greater sense of togetherness this particular CnS day than in previous ones, where each booth sat separately from the others and vied for the attention of the throngs swarming around them.

That was still the point of the day though, and the job was made more difficult by the fact that the booths lined both sides of a route students normally take in a rush to head towards lectures. It was easy enough to get caught up in the congested flow of people flooding through, and easier to get disoriented and miss the some of the booths entirely. This was not a deterrent though – having anticipated the rush-hour and the need to snag the attention of potential members, the clubs retaliated by bringing out some of the most exceptional displays of their offers ETC. magazine has witnessed till date. The Sky Adventure Club propped up tents around their station and had a human-version of a hamster ball rolling around, sponsored by Bubble Sports MY, while the Muay Thai Club churned it up a notch with live demonstrations of some serious kick-boxing. The Photography Club showed off some samples of its impressive achievements, and others had fun on the receiving end of those cameras, posing with quirky signboards and cardboard moustaches to stand a shot at winning the CnS photo competition.







The booth that took the cake, though, would have to be the Taylor’s Anime Society’s exhibition. Famous by now for putting together the best show for successive CnS Days, this club outdid itself, taking up the traditional theme and blending it in with the Japanese culture they thrive on celebrating. Cherry blossoms, kitsune-masks and kimonos gave the stall an authentic Japanese feel – but what took them that extra step further were the members themselves. Whether it was breaking out into random song and dance or marching up and down through the crowd with giant banners and paper lanterns chanting for new members to join in, the amount of fun the group seemed to be having just being there and being able to do what they loved doing was enough to spark a little of that enthusiasm through the surrounding clubs as well.

[Image credits : See Shi Yuan, Photographer for ETC. Magazine]
[Image credits : See Shi Yuan, Photographer for ETC. Magazine]
And the enthusiasm paid off – despite the difficulties in standing out in that crowded passage, or the occasional breeze upsetting a poster here or there, the booths were kept busy and time flew past so easily that when the cue to pack up arrived, it came as a bit of a surprise. The booths were dismantled and cleared away as efficiently as they had been set up earlier that morning, and though the day might have been long and tiring for all club members involved, one could not deny that it had definitely been fruitful.

By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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