HEAD’S UP! Mother’s Day is Around the Corner!

[By MATTHEW CHAN]mother's day

[Picture credits to Neryssa Azlan]

If there is one person in this world that appreciates us for who we really are, it would be our mothers. From the day they were pregnant with us till today, they treat us with infinite care to ensure that we are able to enjoy our lives as much as possible. And wit
h Mother’s Day coming up, this would be the perfect opportunity for us to give back to the woman we cherish the most in our lives.

There are lots of ways to celebrate this occasion with our mums and honestly, just spending the day with them will make them the happiest person in the world. But it is always a good idea to go that extra mile and show them that they mean the world to us, and that nothing comes close to the love they give us every day.

Gifts don’t have to be elaborate- basics are sometimes the best. A fool-proof idea is to buy her a bouquet of flowers, which will make any mum’s day a great one. Just the thought of us making the effort to go to the florist and taking time out of our busy schedules to choose flowers for them will make them light up like a Christmas tree!

However, if you want to step out of your c
omfort zone and try something out of the box, you do not need to fear, as we have some suggestions for you!

You can always try making her breakfast in bed, although this might be a difficult task for some as not all of us are experienced in the kitchen. But surprising her by cooking for her is one of the best ways to kick off Mother’s Day, because to her, whatever you’ve made is seasoned with a healthy helping of love.

Another sure fire way to get your mum pumped up for her special day is to make her a video. Videotape a song, a clip of her friends wishing her a happy mother’s day, or just recording everything you feel too embarrassed to say to her in person about how much you love and appreciate her- something along the lines of this video I made for her birthday:

[Credits to Christopher Wong for editing, and the FICM 2013 April Intake for helping out]

These hand-made mementos will no doubt bring a smile to her face, and hold special place in her heart that no store-bought gift can.

The key, really, is to make sure that you try your best to show her how much you love her this Mother’s Day- there is nothing that can be compared to a mother’s love, and no better way to give back for all her unconditional care and support. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

By ETC. Magazine

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