Place of Interest: The Palace of Justice



By no means a typical choice to pay a visit to, the Palace of Justice, situated in the heart of the administrative town of Putrajaya, is still a place you should not miss. The imposing size of the building and its interior design, akin to that of a palace fit for royalty, transports you into another realm. Whilst there, be sure to admire the high, dome-like ceiling coated with intricate patterns, the stylishly decorated pillars, and the grand stairs welcoming you into building.


However, don’t let yourself get too engrossed in the architecture. Swing by a hearing while you are here, but remember that you’re still in the Palace of Justice. You need to dress appropriately- for men, a complete suit with covered shoes is advised, and for ladies slacks and long-sleeved, non-transparent blouses, with covered shoes. To enjoy the experience to the fullest, why not just dress like lawyers would, and fully immerse yourself in the regal, judicial vibe of the place.


The Palace of Justice houses the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court, and you can walk into either, but remember to bow upon entering as a sign of respect to the institution, and to do the same on the way out. However, if the court room is full, it is best not to dawdle- the judges do not appreciate people standing about in the court room whilst serious legal proceedings are underway.

If you are in need of making any legal research, you can also head off to the impressive library, or simply go sight-seeing at the museum in the Palace of Justice. The other-worldly, august atmosphere here is definitely worth experiencing.

By ETC. Magazine

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