Restaurant Review : Black Market

[Written by CANDICE CHAN]

There’s a shopping gallery called the ‘Main Place’ which opened recently around Puchong, so my parents and I decided to check it out last Saturday. Attracted by the variety of new shops they had opened and venturing into them for almost an hour, it did not take us long to realize our tummies were grumbling, and that we needed to grab some grub.


We got lucky when we discovered a Spanish restaurant called Black Market near one of the main entrances of Main Place– it had fewer customers compared to the other restaurants in the mall, and we were starving and had no wish to wait in a queue.

Black Market at first glance exudes style, and true to its title, is decorated with black furniture, the predominant colour scheme of the restaurant. The ambience was dark, yet soothing and cool, since there were fewer people and the temperature was quite low. Chandeliers with golden lights hung from the ceiling, and soft ballad music whispered throughout the restaurant, giving the place a relaxing touch.

Beauty of the interior aside though, my family and I were more interested in the quality of the food. For our appetizer, we ordered a Black Jamón Pizza. The crust of the Italian delicacy was thin and crisp. The arugulas’ raw uncooked flavour blended perfectly with the melted texture of the mozzarella and smoked Jamón ibérico (cured ham), giving a half Spanish and half Italian edge to the pizza. We were satisfied with our first course, and our expectations were high.


This only led to them plummeting down, though, when our main course, the Seafood Paella, was served. While the rice was well cooked and steaming hot, the oysters and prawns in the dish were disappointing, tasting sour and almost raw. The dish ultimately had to be sent back to the chef to be redone properly.


Although the Paella was a let-down, the service and modesty of the staff made up for it. The chef honestly admitted the dish wasn’t cooked enough, and presented us with a complimentary dish, an arugula salad, as an apology.

Overall, my thoughts on Black Market are in between the lines- neither positive nor negative. The service was good, and the staff modest, though the menu did lean more toward the pricey side.

By ETC. Magazine

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