Pharrell Williams’ “G I R L”

[Written by INEZ CHEW]


It’s hard to imagine someone not knowing about Pharrell Williams, a producer with seven Grammys and three global smash hits in just the past 12 months – “Get Lucky” with Daft Punk, “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke, together with his own “Happy”. Despite what one might think, given his already impressive track record, “G I R L” is only the second solo album by Pharrell Williams, surprising for a man of forty years, ageless as he may seem. Combining his funk, hip-hop, and even international music inspirations, with some Michael Jackson-worthy riffs, Marvin Gaye grooves, and his own honeyed vocals, every other track on the album complements the title, “G I R L”.

It is an ode to everything there is to love about girls, packed into an album filled with ‘feel good’ beats that make you want to move your body and sing your hearts out. Stevie Wonder-like, he turns the slight-if-uplifting lyrics into something sublime in the way he orchestrates voices, instruments, and even hands. At ten tight tracks, Pharrell Williams’ “G I R L” has just enough jamming to avoid coming off as overdone or overly diversified.

Rating 4/5

By ETC. Magazine

ETC. Online is the Taylor’s University online campus magazine, entirely operated by students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The ETC. online magazine is an offshoot of ETC. Magazine, a club run by TULC students and supported by the university.

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