Chasing Light 2014



Have you noticed the booths located in front of Student Life Centre? The Light Kindlers, a team from Taylor’s University Lakeside campus is organizing a charity event, “CHASING LIGHT” throughout the month of April. The main motive of this project is to create a platform for young minds to explore the possible careers that they would like to venture into and for volunteers to share their experience and inspire the children to achieve their dreams. Through providing the exposure to the different fields of studies, and the motivation to aim higher, Chasing Light hopes to aid these young children in discovering their dreams. Apart from that, this campaign seeks to help them make wise informed choices about their careers and future.

They are also having a few fun activities for the young minds who are interested in chasing their dreams. There will be four major workshops in four different fields, which are: the Information Technology (IT) workshop, Business Workshop, Engineering Workshop and Creativity Workshop. Moreover, children will be able to practice their critical and creative thinking when choosing the right path in their lives.

The Chasing Light project will also help in creating a platform for volunteer teachers to provide knowledge in a practical manner based on their skill sets. This way, passion through teaching can encourage passion in learning.

Students from Taylor’s University Lakeside campus who are interested in joining this workshop as volunteer teachers can always sign up for their workshops at their booths or through their online form.

Don’t hesitate to join the Light Kindlers. By joining this team, all the volunteers will be able to leave their comfort zones and build up their confidence. Volunteers can take this chance to share their point of viewand share some of their knowledge with the young children.  There are so many advantages in joining this team and having a chance to help those underprivileged children from theKasih Welfare Association and helping them chase their dreams might turn out to be one of your proudest achievements.

If you guys are not interested in joining this teamas volunteers, you can also be a part of theChasing Light 2014 project by donating. By donating RM5 and above, you will get a Glow-In-The-Dark wristband. Meanwhile, you will get 5 wristbands for donating RM20 and above. Isn’t that cool? You will be able to wear the wristbands proudly anywhere you want. You can also show support by uploading pictures of or with the wristband on Instagram and tag “#chasinglight2014”.

This project is fully supported by the Kasih Welfare Association and all proceeds and donations will be directed to them. The funds will be used by them to improve the children’s life.


For more information about each workshop, please do visit their website, or contact the project director, Desmond Chiah at 012-2898816. Alternatively, you can email him at or







By ETC. Magazine

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