FOOD REVIEW: Truffles @ Taylors

[written by ANNE LAW]

If you’re a Taylorian and have never tried any of the student-run restaurants along the academic blocks overlooking the lake, then you really need to make more friends studying in hospitality. There is even more of an incentive to come back if you’re holding a Taylor’s alumni card, as that entitles you to another 10% discount.

My friends and I were recently invited to dine at Truffles. Naturally, we accepted. One should note that all the restaurants require an advance booking, so unless you have been invited by hospitality students, they do not attend to walk-in patrons. Once inside, the waiter shows you to your table, after which he brings the menu and explains the courses, although there usually isn’t a selection.

All of us at the table chose the lamb shank, although there was another choice of roasted duck that night. The slow braised lamb shank (served on parmesan risotto sauté vegetables) came with an appetiser of chicken consommé (clear chicken broth served with mini chicken ravioli and traditional julienne vegetables) and a slice of gateau framboise (raspberry layered sponge cake) as dessert.

There really isn’t much need to know the fancy names, though it sounds fun.

The chicken consommé.

The soup was surprisingly soothing. I did not expect the subtlety of flavour; in fact I would say it was delightful that it didn’t taste like the usual strongly flavoured soups. I prefer my food with much less salt than the average person (which is why others find the food I like bland) and this soup catered perfectly to my tastebuds. It was soft and sweet, with very little oil on the surface. The dumpling was just right: many times dumplings tend to be too big, and I can’t eat it whole without looking like a chipmunk. The size was comfortable enough for me to eat whole and savour.

Lamb shank on risotto.
The lamb shank risotto.

The lamb shank was served on risotto (rice cooked in broth for flavor) paired with vegetables. Generally I enjoy the vegetables served, as they are well-cooked, but some may find it a little too cooked. The lamb was tender and the meat fell off the bone easily. Gravy was served generously this time, so there was no need to ask for extra gravy. I found the risotto to be rather filling and starchy. Other than that, this dish was very satisfying, especially for a lover of lamb like I am.

The gateau frambois.
The gateau framboise.

I dug into the cake with gusto. It was as appetising as it looked. I love cakes that are soft, that will melt in your mouth, and are not too sweet — this cake delivered it all. I especially enjoyed the cream (which wasn’t sickeningly sweet) and the chocolate flakes that went superbly well with the raspberry bits.

Complimentary coffee or tea was served after dessert. Other than the food being surprisingly good, the price too is quite attractive, being only RM12 for a meal including of appetisers and desserts, with the mocktail of the day at RM4.

It was a delightful dinner for all, and we can’t wait to be invited again.

The writer (far right) and her friends.

By ETC. Magazine

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