GIG REVIEW: Up Close With Lawson


The four-man band decided to come down to Malaysia and tug at Malaysian girls’ heartstrings!

The concert was held on April 13 at Stage Club KL. Although the place is relatively small for such a concert, they certainly took advantage of the intimate setting. Being in touching distance with the crowd, they — especially lead singer Andy Brown — really knew how to exploit the “danger” of their fangirls being so up close and personal.

Starting off with a bang, they pumped up the crowd with the popular Standing In The Dark. Everyone in the club were definitely big fans of Lawson, as they sang along word for word, Brown letting the crowd do more singing than he did for the more popular songs.

After rocking on for four songs, it was time to get a little more intimate. The lights went dim as Andy grabbed his acoustic guitar and a seat…
…and so started the string tugging. Artists these days have the tendency to not be as good when they perform live, but Lawson wasn’t one of those artists. Compared to typical boy bands that rely on recorded minus-ones, Lawson were definitely “flawsonless” (geddit?) live with their effortlessly tight playing. Andy was pitch perfect, guitarist Joel Peat was having tons of fun with his guitar, drummer Adam Pitts was the handsome guy at the back and bassist Ryan Fletcher…he definitely caught the most attention. With his blonde hair and intricately flower-tattooed arms, it was almost as if he knew he was every little girl’s dream and gave out that bad boy vibe.

And when you think boy bands, you think One Direction. You think N’ Sync. You think about a group of ridiculously gorgeous boys dancing and singing.

Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Joel Peat, and Ryan Fletcher — all of which who make the band Lawson — are no Zayn Maliks or Justin Timberlakes who simply ooze out sex appeal. But then again, Lawson is not a boy band; it is a band. They’re not out to sing and dance and perform irresistible choreographies; instead, they write their own songs, come up with their own music and tug at little girls’ hearts.


Their latest album Chapman Square is all about tugging at heartstrings. Songs such as Standing In The Dark, The Girl I Knew and Stolen certainly can affect one’s emotions, most of which were written by Brown, who claimed that songs like Standing In The Dark were written about past relationships and heartaches. Their melodies are certainly entertaining, while having the right amount of emotions to make sure they are not just entertaining. Of course, they would have songs for the less emotional, such as Taking Over Me and Make It Happen. Having said that though, once again, they are no upbeat One Direction; Lawson’s “fun” songs would still be considered as emotional or even “sappy” to some. Nonetheless, Chapman Square is more than good to the ears. It has the perfect amount of emotions blended with the right amount of catchiness.

By ETC. Magazine

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